See Psoriasis: Look Deeper is an ongoing campaign looking at the link between psoriasis and mental health.


We aim to look beyond the physical aspects of psoriasis and recognise the bigger life impacts associated with the disease, including emotional wellbeing and quality of life. The collaboration was brought together in 2012, and has worked with patients and health care professionals in a number of ways to raise awareness of this important issue.


The Collaboration

Dr Christine

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Medicine at the University of Manchester

The Psoriasis Association

The Psoriasis Association

Mr Toby Hadoke

Comedian, Presenter and psoriasis patient

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation

Dr Sandy 

Dr Sandy

Consultant Dermatologist at Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Dr Anna Chisholm

Dr Anna

Chartered Psychologist and research associate at the University of Manchester

The Report


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